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this weeks discoveries

Every Tuesday from 13.00 until 13.40!
Scientists from our faculty will present their most recent discoveries. This “lunch-colloquium” will take place in De Sitterzaal (Groundlevel J.H.Oortgebouw, Niels Bohrweg 2) and lasts from 13.00 until 13.40 o’clock. Everybody is welcome. The short presentations (15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussion) will be such that everybody should be able to understand what has been discovered. A lunch to Discover is provided at 12.45 near De Sitterzaal.


22-04-2014 Vinzenz Koning - LION, theoretical physics
"Doughnut-shaped droplets of liquid crystal"
Vincent Merckx - Naturalis
"Tropical Biodiversity: a hands-on course in Borneo"
15-04-2014 Sander Hille - MI
"Exploiting mathematics in biology: revealing details of long range auxin transport"
Bart Kienhuis - LIACS
"Real-time processing: Dataflow to the rescue"
08-04-2014 Alexey Boyarsky - LION, theoretical physics
"On the hunt for dark matter"
01-04-2014 Simon Portegies Zwart - STRW
"One two many"
Natalie Webb - Lorentz Center highlight
"Searching for the building blocks of galaxies"
25-03-2014 Jelmer Renema - LION
"Tomographic experiments into the working principle of a superconducting single photon detector"
Erik Danen - LACDR
"Talking to the matrix to control cell growth & migration"
18-03-2014 Jacqueline Meulman - MI
"Computational Statistics: From Scientific Discovery to Validation"
Raymond Shaw - LC Highlight
"Supercooled clouds: ice crystal power laws and orbits"
11-03-2014 Hao Qiu - CML
"Quantitative modelling of metal toxicity in a key soil sentinel organism"
Daniel Vanmaekelbergh - LC Highlight
"Geometric semiconductors with graphene-plus properties"
04-03-2014 Peter Klinkhamer - IBL
"Plant natural products and the biobased economy: learning from nature"
Jaap van den Herik - LIACS
"HEPGAME, simplification of complex expressions"
25-02-2014 Phil Elks - IBL
"Hypoxic Signalling and Tuberculosis; Do White Blood Cells Hold Their Breath?"
Gregory Schneider - LIC
"Graphene at the edge"
18-02-2014 Daniel Rozen - IBL
"The evolution of antibiotics"
Frank den Hollander - MI
"The Gravitation program Networks"
11-02-2014 John van Noort - LION
"Chromatin Dynamics in Single Genes"
Jan Sijbers - Lorentz Center highlight
"Superresolution reconstruction in tomographic imaging"
04-02-2014 Pedro Russo - Sterrewacht
"Astronomy for development and universe awareness"
28-01-2014 Johan Kuiper - LACDR, Biopharmaceutics
"Development of a vaccine for the treatment of cardiovascular disease"
Hermen Overkleeft - LIC, Bio-organic synthesis
"to be announced"
21-01-2014 Rychard Bouwens - Sterrewacht
"Growing Up Quickly: Four Extraordinarily Bright Galaxies in the Early Universe"
Dirk van Delft - Sterrewacht and museum Boerhaave
"100 Years of Philips Research"
14-01-2014 Patrik Henriksson - CML
"Quantifying uncertainties around product footprints"
Huib Jan van Langevelde - Sterrewacht and JIVE
"Zooming in on Galactic masers"
17-12-2013 Cosma Fulga - LION-Institute Lorentz
"Theory and Experiment and Majoranas"
David Kaiser - Lorentz Center highlight- Cold War Science
"Testing Bell's Inequality with Cosmic Photons"
10-12-2013 Erik Schultes - LIACS
"Computing the 7-mer Sequenome"
Jos Jonkers - LACDR, Toxicology
"Studying therapy resistance in mouse models of breast cancer"
03-12-2013 Jonathan Citrin - Lorentz Center Highlight- Modeling Kinetic Aspects of Global MHD Modes
"Shake, rattle and roll: new discoveries in fusion plasma turbulence"
26-11-2013 Catherine Walsh - STRW
"Investigating the chemical heritage of planetary systems"
Vivi Rottschafer - MI
"Patterns in animal communities and phase separation"
19-11-2013 Mario van der Stelt - LIC, Bio-organic Synthesis
"Discovery of molecular tools to detect and control endocannabinoid biosynthesis"
Anne Schulp - Naturalis Biodiversity Center
"Finding a T. rex ...and what's next?"
12-11-2013 Paul Vulto - LACDR, analytical biosciences
"How Organ on a Chip will enable 21st century drug development and discovery"
Arnold Tukker - CML
": Big environmental data. The creation of a global economic-environmental-resource dataset for policy analysis"
05-11-2013 Ewa Snaar-Jagalska - IBL, molecular cell biology
"Novel treatment strategies for Ewing’s sarcoma established in zebrafish model"
Piers Coleman - Lorentz Center Highlight
"Magnetism and superconductivity, a new era of convergence"
29-10-2013 Frank Wuerthner - Lorentz Center Highlight
"Kinetically trapped Dye Aggregates - New Perspectives for Photophysical Investigations and Materials Design?"
15-10-2013 Wouter Bruins - IBL and In Ovo
"In Ovo: chickens and applied Leiden Science"
Jan-Willem van Holten - LION, Institute Lorentz
"Nobel Prinze 2013: The message of the Higgs boson"
08-10-2013 Nienke van der Marel - Leiden Observatory
"Planet formation in action with ALMA: A major asymmetric dust trap in a protoplanetary disk"
01-10-2013 Katy Wolstencroft - LIACS
"Enabling and Encouraging Semantic Data Sharing: A Case Study In Systems Biology"
Geert Jan Kroes - LIC Theoretical Chemistry
"Reaction barriometry: Towards a chemically accurate description of reactions on metal surfaces"
24-09-2013 Jeroen van Smeden - LACDR Drug Delivery Technology
"Stratum corneum lipids in atopic eczema patients; chain length matters"
Andy Howell - LC Highlight
"New types of stellar explosions and their progenitors"
17-09-2013 Chris Jacobs - IBL Evolutionary Biology
"Surviving embryogenesis: the extraembryonic serosa protects against desiccation and infection"
Dirk Bouwmeester - LION Quantum Optics
"Light emitting silver-DNA origami"
11-06-2013 Michelle Janssens - LACDR
"Impaired skin barrier function in atopic eczema correlates with altered stratum corneum lipid organization"
Ariyan Javanpeykar - MI
"From Arakelov to Belyi"
04-06-2013 Erik Burgerhout - IBL
"Effects of endurance swimming on maturation in farmed male European eels"
Femke Tabak - LION
"Imaging atoms at video-rate; can micromachines help?"
28-05-2013 Diego Garlaschelli - LION and LC Highlight
"Early warning signals of interbank collapse"
21-05-2013 Oscar Diaz-Morales - LIC
"Water electrolysis on a gold electrode: 224 years after Paets van Troostwijk and Deiman"
Ester van der Voet - CML
"A sustainable management of anthropogenic metals cycles, a report for the UNEP International Resource Panel"
14-05-2013 Steven Tingay - Lorentz Center Highlight
"The Murchison Widefield Array: the hunt for the first luminous objects in the early Universe"
07-05-2013 Frerik van Beijnum - LION
"scattering, loss, and gain of surface plasmons"