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this weeks discoveries

Every Tuesday from 13.00 until 13.40!
Scientists from our faculty will present their most recent discoveries. This “lunch-colloquium” will take place in De Sitterzaal (Groundlevel J.H.Oortgebouw, Niels Bohrweg 2) and lasts from 13.00 until 13.40 o’clock. Everybody is welcome. The short presentations (15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussion) will be such that everybody should be able to understand what has been discovered. A lunch to Discover is provided at 12.45 near De Sitterzaal.


25-11-2014 Bastiaan Florijn - LION
"Holey Sheet! A programmable mechanical metamaterial"
18-11-2014 Pieter Adriaans - Lorentz Center highlight
"Facticity, Creativity and Complexity"
Hugo van Ingen - LIC
"Zooming in on the molecular basis of chromatin function by NMR; why 1+1=2 is not trivial"
11-11-2014 Honour students - Faculty of Science
"Honour class Crisis in Biology"
04-11-2014 Frank Takes - LIACS
"Algorithms for Analyzing and Mining Real-World Graphs"
Anthony Brown - Sterrewacht
"Gaia: one billion stars in 3D"
28-10-2014 David Font Vivanco - CML
"The Remarkable Environmental Rebound Effect of Electric Cars: A Microeconomic Approach"
Laura Heitman - LACDR
"Bound to Work better"
21-10-2014 Michel Orrit - LION
"Nobel prize Chemistry 2014"
Kartik Sheth - LC Highlight
"Reconstructing the Mass Assembly of Galaxy Disks over the last 12 Billion Years with ALMA, HST and Spitzer"
14-10-2014 Carel ten Cate - IBL
"Nobel prize for Medicine 2014"
07-10-2014 Dennis Hetterscheid - LIC
"Redox catalysis for a sustainable society"
Randall Kamien - LC highlight
"Making the cut: kirigami topology"
30-09-2014 Stefan Manegold - LIACS and LCDS
"Data Management for Data Science"
Marta Fiocco - MI
"Ranking and rankability of hospital postoperative mortality rates in colorectal cancer surgery"
23-09-2014 Annemarie Meijer - IBL
"Autophagy modulator DRAM1 links pathogen recognition to defense against tuberculosis"
Daniela Kraft - LION
"Designing Synthetic Viruses for Gene Therapy"
17-06-2014 Gregory Schneider - LIC
"Proteins readout at a graphene edge"
Katharina Riebel - IBL
"The mute sex? Female song is widespread and ancestral in female songbirds"
10-06-2014 Dirk Bouwmeester - LION
"to be announced"
03-06-2014 Dennis Claessen - IBL
"Primitive multicellularity by primordial cells"
Michiel Hogerheijde - Sterrewacht
"Making planets with water"
27-05-2014 Martina Vijver - CML
"the added risk of size"
Catherijne Knibbe - LACDR
"Modelling drug metabolism in special groups"
20-05-2014 Miranda van Eck - LACDR
"Reversal of Atherosclerosis: a challenging goal with the macrophage as therapeutic target"
Jessica Pierce - Lorentz Center Highlight
"At War with Animals"
13-05-2014 Roxanne Kieltyka - LIC
"Supramolecular materials for applications in regenerative medicine"
Jakob Hohwy - LC Highlight
"The Predictive Mind"
06-05-2014 Remko Offringa - IBL
"Reversing aging in plants"
Marieke Huisman - Lorentz Center Highlight
"Challenges in the verification of concurrent software"
22-04-2014 Vinzenz Koning - LION, theoretical physics
"Doughnut-shaped droplets of liquid crystal"
Vincent Merckx - Naturalis
"Tropical Biodiversity: a hands-on course in Borneo"
15-04-2014 Sander Hille - MI
"Exploiting mathematics in biology: revealing details of long range auxin transport"
Bart Kienhuis - LIACS
"Real-time processing: Dataflow to the rescue"
08-04-2014 Alexey Boyarsky - LION, theoretical physics
"On the hunt for dark matter"
01-04-2014 Simon Portegies Zwart - STRW
"One two many"
Natalie Webb - Lorentz Center highlight
"Searching for the building blocks of galaxies"
25-03-2014 Jelmer Renema - LION
"Tomographic experiments into the working principle of a superconducting single photon detector"
Erik Danen - LACDR
"Talking to the matrix to control cell growth & migration"